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What to Do When Moving With a Pet

Let’s set the scene: you’ve found the new house of your dreams, with every consideration to form and function. The neighborhood you’ve chosen has all the amenities you could dream of. With everything in order and your moving day planned, it’s time to relax. You’re sitting on your couch with a beverage in hand, proud […]

The 10 Best Moving Apps for 2019

Chances are you have a smartphone, and with that kind of technology in hand, you could be taking advantage of a variety of moving apps to help with your relocation process. Finding a new home, organizing your things, and planning moving day are all severely time-consuming; however, there are plenty of resources that can assist […]

Should You Move a Piano Yourself or Hire Movers?

Owning a piano allows you to fill your home with beautiful music at a moment’s notice, but come moving time, it can suddenly fill your mind with stress about how you’re going to get that hulking instrument from point A to point B. Pianos are a piece of property that are completely unlike any other […]

How Far in Advance Should You Book Movers?

Are you thinking about moving soon? Maybe you’re ready to upgrade from that studio apartment to a two-bedroom, or maybe that job offer requires you to move across the state. Whatever your reason, you don’t want to be stuck on moving day without any movers. The fact is, most of us aren’t thinking about the […]

What to Know About Home Staging

Selling a house is hard, there’s no doubt about it. When a house lingers on the market, people often begin to wonder if it will ever sell at all. To give houses a competitive edge, many sellers turn to professional home staging in hopes it will help their house sell quickly. But does staging your […]

Avoid Moving Scams & Verify Moving Companies

Moving ranks pretty high on the list of stressful life events and is a production that can last weeks (or even months). During this high-stakes process, it’s no wonder even the thought of moving stresses the most organized and prepared people. That’s one of the reasons it’s important to learn how to avoid moving scams & verify […]

Down Payment Options for First-Time Homebuyers

If you’re on the hunt for your first home, there’s probably one thing on your mind: finding money for the down payment. Providing a down payment is standard in the house buying process, but if you don’t have the ability to write a big check on the spot, then what do you do? People are […]

How to Browse for Homes Online like a Pro

In the age of online shopping, it shouldn’t come as a surprise you can look for your next home on the web. Sites like Zillow or Redfin can help narrow down the home search and give eager buyers a taste of what’s on the market. Having the ability to see which houses are for sale in specific areas has […]
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