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Changes in Rent: Houston 2019

As of this March, it’s estimated almost 300 new people move to Houston every day. After Dallas Fort Worth, Houston has seen the largest net increase in population out of all U.S. cities from 2010-2017, growing 16.4% and adding more than 500 new residents to the city’s census. It’s also in the top 20 cities […]

How Much You Should Tip Movers in 2019

People often stress about if they should add gratuity to the cost of moving day. It can be hard to determine exactly how much to tip movers, especially when movers go above and beyond their expected duties. Want to know the right amount to tip a moving crew in 2019? A tip is simply an […]

Should You Move a Piano Yourself or Hire Movers?

Owning a piano allows you to fill your home with beautiful music at a moment’s notice, but come moving time, it can suddenly fill your mind with stress about how you’re going to get that hulking instrument from point A to point B. Pianos are a piece of property that are completely unlike any other […]

How Far in Advance Should You Book Movers?

Are you thinking about moving soon? Maybe you’re ready to upgrade from that studio apartment to a two-bedroom, or maybe that job offer requires you to move across the state. Whatever your reason, you don’t want to be stuck on moving day without any movers. The fact is, most of us aren’t thinking about the […]
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