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How Much You Should Tip Movers in 2019

People often stress about if they should add gratuity to the cost of moving day. It can be hard to determine exactly how much to tip movers, especially when movers go above and beyond their expected duties. Want to know the right amount to tip a moving crew in 2019? A tip is simply an […]

The Ultimate Moving Day Playlist

Move Matcher has put together the ultimate moving day playlist on Spotify. From Johnny Cash to Drake and plenty of other hits in between, you can’t go wrong with this list!     These are the perfect songs for packing, hitting the road, and celebrating your new home. Plus, if you hire a moving company, […]

How to Keep Your Items Safe During a Move

When you’re moving the last thing you want to occur is damage to your personal belongings. If you want to have a safe and successful move, you’ll need a few different moving accessories. Take a look at this list of items you’ll need to keep your furniture and appliances safe during a move.   Packing […]
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