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Dave O’Connor Joins Move Matcher Executive Team

As President, Dave is tasked with growing Move Matcher’s national footprint and identifying strategic partnerships with moving companies and property associations Move Matcher, the nation’s leading comparison website that allows consumers to find moving companies directly through the Internet, announced today that Dave O’Connor has joined Move Matcher’s executive team in the role of President […]

Best House Warming Gifts

Anyone who has moved can speak to how exciting it is to show a new home off to friends and family. Some people choose to have a big reveal and a housewarming party to let everyone take a look at the home you have diligently put together.  For guests, it is exciting to be a witness […]

What to Expect When Moving to a Bigger House

Moving into a new place is always exciting.  That exuberance can be heightened when you are moving into your first home or a much larger house.  You’ll have extra space to stretch out and enjoy. This also means that you’ll have more space to decorate.  All the extra space can leave some feeling anxious about […]

Understanding Storage in Transit

Storage in transit occurs whenever goods must be temporarily stored before being unloaded at the final destination. Ideally, a moving company loads everything up and quickly gets your items to your new home and unloaded without any hiccups.  However, not all moves are made equal.  Maybe you close on your home sooner than you thought and […]
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