Moving into a new place is always exciting.  That exuberance can be heightened when you are moving into your first home or a much larger house.  You’ll have extra space to stretch out and enjoy. This also means that you’ll have more space to decorate.  All the extra space can leave some feeling anxious about filling their home and making it perfect.  Here is some advice to help you settle into your dream home.

Once you’ve found the right house, your mind probably will quickly turn to how you want to decorate.  As you walked through and fell in love with the house, you might have envisioned certain furniture or color schemes.  However, you don’t want to jump the gun.  Yes, most of the time you will close on a house in a timely manner without problems.  But there are those instances when the deal falls through and you’re back to square one.  You don’t want to be shelling out money for that new sofa or dining room table before your closing papers are completely signed and buttoned up.

When you move into a larger home, it will almost certainly have cost you a pretty penny.  Between the down payment, any renovation costs, and that mortgage, you may be feeling a little strapped for cash.  But as you move, you will also be thinking about all those rooms that need to be filled with furniture and decor.  Budgeting will become your best friend, especially early on as you settle in.  You probably have some furniture that you can bring with you.  You may have found the perfect couch, but if it’s $1000 over your budget, you probably aren’t ready to have it.  Setting a budget and sticking to it will help you settle in without financial woes.  Everything may not be perfect, but you will slowly be able to pay down any debt and begin to work toward your dream furniture.

For some, upgrading to a larger home means they have found the abode they want to spend the next several years or even decades in.  This is exciting! And it also means that you have all the time in the world.  You will settle into your home and as time progresses you’ll change and add things throughout the house.  It doesn’t have to be perfect a week after you move in.  Allow yourself to settle into the home and get a feel for how you want the home to flow.  You can move around furniture, try different paint colors, and maybe leave an unused room empty for a time.  Because you may not have the budget to fill your whole home with furniture, focus on the most used rooms first.  Window coverings and a place to sit at breakfast are important.  Other, less used rooms can wait on furniture.

When you own a home, you can take pride in knowing that it is yours to have and take care of.  This also means that you no longer have a landlord to call when there is a leak or something breaks.  Investing in some tools to have around the house will come in handy.  And purchasing these items when you first move will spare you the headache of rushing to get them when something goes wrong and needs fixing.  While you may find throughout your years of homeownership that there are special tools you need, you don’t need to buy out Home Depot when you move.  Basic tools will suffice to begin with.  You can always go back and purchase special tools if you find you need them.  Or better yet, you can borrow them from a neighbor or friend and save some money.

Upgrading to a larger home is a great accomplishment.  All the time and stress that goes into home buying will pay off when you get to your new abode and can begin your new chapter.  It is important to remember that you probably won’t have everything set up immediately.  It will take time for you to get all the furnishings and decor.  Being patient and sticking to a budget will pay in the long run.  Your home will feel like home because of the memories you make there, not the interior design.


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