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Before You Forget: Is Moving Tax Deductible?

Early April means one thing in the United States; it’s tax season. This year, Tax Day is two days later than usual falling on Tuesday, April 17, 2018. If you’re like most Americans, you’ll want to make sure you have all your deductions in order. Remember, the taxes you file in 2018 refer back to the previous year.   2017 is the […]

5 Tips to Prepare Your New Home for Winter

December is here, and while winter doesn’t officially start until the 21st, it’s in full swing in some parts of the country. If you’ve lived in a colder climate most of your life, it may be routine to prepare your home for winter. However, if you just recently moved from a more temperate climate, you […]

6 Ways to Reuse Moving Boxes

After you’ve moved, you may be tempted to throw away your moving boxes. After all, you may not want a reminder of all the work that came with moving. However, despite looking like worthless pieces of cardboard, moving boxes can have plenty of uses. Whether you just use them for storage or get more creative, […]

Best House Warming Gifts

Anyone who has moved can speak to how exciting it is to show a new home off to friends and family. Some people choose to have a big reveal and a housewarming party to let everyone take a look at the home you have diligently put together.  For guests, it is exciting to be a witness […]
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