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Changes in Rent: Miami 2019

Miami is an iconic city with worldwide recognition. It’s home to numerous major professional sports franchises, an amazing nightlife, beautiful beaches, like the popular South Beach, and consistently warm weather. The look and culture of the city have made it the setting of multiple iconic movies such as Moonlight, Scarface, Bad Boys, Get Shorty, and […]

Sacramento’s Best Neighborhoods for Millennials...

Why are millennials flocking to Sacramento? Maybe it’s because the capital of California is the most diverse city in the United States, offering the chance to engage in a wide range of cultures and experiences. Maybe it’s because of the city’s many opportunities in the biological sciences, technology, and, of course, winemaking. Or perhaps it’s […]

Houston Marathons

Houston is a popular spot for marathons and half marathons. Texas’ warm climate makes Houston a prime location for running events held year-round. From the annual Chevron Houston Marathon to themed half marathons, Houston offers many opportunities for competitive runners to hit the streets. With Houston marathons and half marathons, there is a race suitable […]

Changes in Rent: Columbus Ohio 2019

Columbus is a city filled with beautiful parks, extensive arts and entertainment options, and historical sites. It’s also a city filled with plentiful apartment rentals to house those who come to Columbus for any reason. As the 15th largest city in the U.S., Columbus not only has a large population but a wide array of […]

Changes in Rent: Minneapolis-Saint Paul 2019

The Minneapolis-Saint Paul area is known as the Twin Cities of Minnesota. With Minneapolis being the largest city in Minnesota and neighboring Saint Paul being the state capital, it’s no wonder these two cities are often mentioned alongside one another. Best of all, apartment rentals are ideal in both cities. Minneapolis is the 46th largest […]

5 of Nashville’s Best Neighborhoods for...

Nashville, Tennessee is probably most known as being Music City, the epicenter of music in the south, especially if you’re an aspiring country star. And true, if you love music and want to be at the center of the action, moving to Nashville is a fantastic choice. But it’s not the only reason millennials are […]

Marathons in Atlanta

If you live in Atlanta and have always wanted to participate in a marathon or want to watch one unfold before your eyes, you’re in luck. There are many marathons held in Atlanta each year: from the annual Atlanta Marathon to half-marathons and other similar races. The following will highlight information on these not-to-be-missed races […]

Changes in Rent: Portland 2019

Portland, the largest city in Oregon and the 26th largest city in the U.S., combines an urban vibe and invigorating nature in one scenic area. The city is filled with welcome inclusions, such as microbreweries, coffeehouses, live music venues, unique shops, and environmentally-friendly residents. Although not as large as Seattle in its neighboring state, Washington, […]
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