Chicago did not get its moniker “The Windy City” for nothing.  Once the warmth of spring and summer pass, the inclement weather sets in, so it’s no surprise that most Chicagoans move between May and September.  However, before you book a moving company for July, you might consider moving during the non-peak winter months if you’re flexible.  There just might be some perks to relocating in the snow.

City living is expensive, and Chicago rent is no exception.  Finding an apartment or home that you both love and can afford can seem like a daunting task.  New residents pop up throughout the spring and summer, inundating the real estate and, particularly, the rental market.  Most people duke it out over apartments to lease, watching rental rates go up sometimes daily.  As the peak period comes to an end, rental rates begin to drop, giving you the chance to get a little more bang for your buck.  The caveat here is that rental turnover is not as high as in the summer months, so keep your eye the price tag, as well as when your top choices have an opening.

Finding a place is no easy feat, but the challenge doesn’t end there.  Securing a mover for your the day you want who you trust to handle your belongings is time consuming.  The summer bustle can cause another hurdle as you try to juggle your own schedule on top of your movers and potentially a landlord or apartment complex.  Just like your rent though, once the peak moving season comes to a close, movers are willing to come down on their prices.  In addition to saving money, you also will have more freedom in picking a moving date.  Most moving companies are happy to lower their price for an off-season move and also have greater flexibility in their availability.

Here’s an advantage that seems slightly counter intuitive.  The move can be fast and safer moving in the winter months.  Some people hear Chicago winter and immediately jump to the cold and ice and hazards that they bring.  However, with most people thinking this way, fewer people are populating the roads.  Just like moving, the peak season for trucking companies is during the summer.  In the winter chill, you will encounter far fewer semis on your way to your new home.  Additionally, fewer people are taking vacations or road tripping as school is in full swing and people want to stay inside.  This leads to less congestion on the roads, creating a safer travel environment and faster delivery.  The message here is that is that is still winter though, so you will want to be careful navigating the roads and sidewalks as you unload your belongings.

The Chicago winter is tough and most people want to stay bundled up, never leaving their homes.  However, if you are braving a move during the coldest times of the year, you still have some bright spots to look forward to.  Those who are flexible and adventurous enough to weather the Windy City in the snow, you could be rewarded with lower rent, lower and more flexible moving rates, as well as faster delivery.

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