Summer is the peak season in the moving industry. With school out and better weather on the horizon, it’s no wonder millions of Americans take part in a summer move. If you’re already looking to move this summer, there’s no better time to book your movers than right now. During the summer, moving companies are often busier than any other time of year. If you wait until the last minute to find a moving company, you may find yourself in a difficult spot. Here are 5 reasons to book a summer move right now.

1. Move In Your Time Frame


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By booking a summer move well in advance, you will have a much better chance of booking a move on your desired date and within a reasonable price range. On the other hand, if you book on short-notice you’ll be at the mercy of the moving company’s schedule and peak pricing. One way to get ahead on moves resulting from a sudden life change is to do your research, period. Take five minutes to learn about your local moving options and get a general understanding of typical move rates.


2. Save $ and Avoid Last Minute Rate Hikes


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At any time of year, booking on short notice can be a recipe for disaster. First off, there’s the risk that your preferred moving company won’t have availability during the time you need to move. Moving companies may also increase their rates for moves booked on short notice. Remember, moving rates in the summer are already higher than the rest of the year. By booking on short notice, you risk not only paying the high summer rates, but an additional short notice booking fee. Do your bank account a favor and book your summer move now.


3. Enjoy a Stress Free Summer


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Summer is supposed to be a time for relaxation. The sun’s out, the kids are out of school and everyone seems to be in a better mood.  Why add unnecessary stress to your life with a frantic, last-minute mover search? Just imagine, it’s the week of your move and you’ve yet to book a moving company. You’re scouring the internet trying to find a mover with availability and feasible prices. At the same time, you’re worried about packing, cleaning, and taking all the other steps that go along with moving. Eliminate the hassle of at least one step in your move by booking in the spring.


4. Make Time for Summer Fun


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While moving day can take at least half a day or longer from your summer calendar, the planning process can often take even longer. Finding a mover, changing your address, and setting up your utilities can eat up hours of time. By organizing your summer move in the spring, you can free yourself up for summer activities. Instead of wasting time planning a move, think about taking trips to the beach and enjoying summer concerts and festivals. Summer is meant to be a time of spontaneity and fun, don’t let planning a move get in your way!


5. Freedom to Compare


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If you try to book a last-minute summer move your options will be limited. Most moving companies book summer dates at least two weeks in advance, if not months in advance. Consequently, trying to book on short-notice in the summer can leave you with fewer options. A desperate situation could leave you to seek out a rogue mover by accident and unintentionally enter into a moving nightmare.  Conversely, planning a June or July move in April or May will give you the ability to compare and contrast a number of different moving options. The ability compare rates and reviews from consumer reviewed and licensed movers will save you time and provide peace of mind on moving day. No matter where your destination is, we wish you much luck with your summer moves!

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