Jacksonville is known for many things, one of which is its namesake: Andrew Jackson. As the seventh president of the United States and face of the 20-dollar bill, he needs no introduction. Jacksonville is also famous for being the largest city in all of the continental United States. At 840 square miles, it beats out runner up Anaconda, Montana. It’s also Florida’s most populous city: quite an impressive feat going up against 890 other cities.

As a city that boasts remarkable physical size, population, natural beauty, and attractions, it’s no surprise the population continues to grow. As of 2017, the city of Jacksonville had a population of 892,062. That’s more than a 25,000 person increase from 866,856 in 2015.  Unfortunately, as the population grows, so do the average local rent prices.

The general rent trends in Jacksonville might seem clear, but as more people consider moving there, we figured it would be helpful to do some research. So, we compiled the relevant statistics explaining the rent trends in Jacksonville, how these trends compare to other cities in Florida, and finally, how they compare to the entirety of the United States.


Average Rent in Jacksonville

Jacksonville in Florida

In May 2019, Rent Café calculated the average rent for an apartment in Jacksonville to be $1,065/month. In April 2019, Rent Jungle calculated the average rent in Jacksonville to be $1232/month. This difference in numbers can most likely be attributed to Rent Café’s inclusion of studio apartments, and Rent Jungles’ lack thereof. So, if studio apartments aren’t on your radar; go with Rent Jungle’s numbers. If they are, stick to Rent Café.

Rent Café calculated the average rent increase in Jacksonville to be 7% over the last year. Rent Jungle calculated the last year’s rent increase in Jacksonville to be 10.23%. If you’re looking for an average monthly rent increase in Jacksonville; that’s 0.58% and 0.85% respectively.


Jacksonville Rental Prices by Neighborhood

Rental prices in Jacksonville are based in large part on location. As the old real estate adage goes: “location, location, location”. This is because no matter how beautiful your home is, your life quality is going to also be affected by your proximity and accessibility to quality public transportation, general public services, public safety, and public-school educational quality (if you have children, of course).


Here are the five most expensive neighborhoods in Jacksonville, according to Rent Jungle:

  • Southside: $1,806/month
  • Jacksonville Beach: $1,714/month
  • Avondale: $1,682/month
  • Atlantic Highlands: $1,518/month
  • Brooklyn: $1,497/month


If those prices seem to be a little too big for your budget, then keep reading. Next, we’re going to cover the least expensive neighborhoods in Jacksonville.

According to Rent Café, it’s a nine-way tie for the least expensive neighborhoods in Jacksonville:

29th & Chase, College Gardens, Edgewood Manor, Grand Park, Magnolia Gardens, Mid-Westside Gardens, Mid-Westside Jacksonville, Moncrief Park, Robinson’s Addition, and Royal Terrace.


These neighborhoods all are purported to rent at an average of $615 per month. Rent Jungle ranked the least expensive neighborhoods in Jacksonville as:

  • Englewood: $797/month
  • Oak Hill: $784/month
  • Woodland Acres: $722/month
  • Monterey: $719/month
  • Confederate Point: $655/month

Once again, the difference in measurements between these two websites is likely due to the fact Rent Café includes studio apartments, which ultimately lowers the averages, while Rent Jungle does not include them.


Jacksonville Rent by Apartment Size

Jacksonville main street bridge

Along with location, the other most important aspect of an apartment is probably its square footage. This determines how much space you have and what possibilities are ultimately available within the space. There are also implications in terms of privacy if you’re living with other people.

At Rent Café’s average apartment size in Miami measurement of 930 sq. ft., the largest city in the continental United States, also boasts a pretty solid amount of apartment space. Of course, the more specific averages will be based largely on the number of bedrooms.


Here are the average rent prices in Jacksonville for one- and two-bedroom apartments, according to Rent Jungle:

  • One Bedroom: $1,063/month
  • Two Bedroom: $1,278/month


And here are the average yearly rent increases in Jacksonville by bedroom number, according to Rent Jungle:

  • One Bedroom: 10.35%
  • Two Bedrooms: 10.09%

Apartments in Jacksonville and the State of Florida

If you’re wondering how Jacksonville compares to similar cities in Florida, then check out the average rent prices in Tampa, Orlando, Miami, and St. Petersburg (according to SmartAsset):

  • Miami: $1,486/month (More than the site’s Jacksonville average of $1,268/month)
  • Orlando: $1,469/month (More than the site’s Jacksonville average of $1,268/month)
  • St. Petersburg: $1,378/month (More than the site’s Jacksonville average of $1,268/month)
  • Tampa: $1,319/month (More than the site’s Jacksonville average of $1,268/month)

So, if you’re looking for a deal on an apartment in Florida, Jacksonville is an excellent option.

Prices in Jacksonville and the U.S.

Jacksonville is a popular city for a plethora of reasons. It’s one of the most exciting and fruitful places to live in the U.S., and as such, it costs a bit more to live there. Here’s how the United States’ averages compare to Jacksonville rent trends (according to Apartment List):

  • 1.5% Annual Rent Increase (Jacksonville: 7%)
  • One-Bedroom Apartment: $951 Monthly Rent (Jacksonville: $1,063)
  • Two-Bedroom Apartment: $1,180 Monthly Rent (Jacksonville: $1,278)


Now that you know all about changes in rent in Jacksonville see what else is trending in Jacksonville, and find out helpful tips about moving in Jacksonville, as well.

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