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Top 10 Largest U.S. States by Population

The busy season for the moving industry is almost here and millions of Americans will soon be on the move. If you’re planning on moving, perhaps you want to move to a larger state. In that case, check out some fun facts about the top 10 largest U.S. states by population:     10. Michigan – […]

The Top 10 Most Haunted Houses in America

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you’re moving, you may want to check if the house is haunted first. After all, you wouldn’t want any uninvited guests to show up at your housewarming party! In the spirit of the season, here is our list of the 10 most haunted houses in America.   […]

Where Are People Moving Within Chicagoland?

It is well documented that residents of the Chicago metro area are moving to other states. Whether it’s the economy, weather, or better job opportunities, Illinois residents continue to flock to states such as Texas, Florida, and California. It seems a new article appears every day discussing why Illinoisans are leaving the state. However, where […]

State Income Tax and Population Change

Recently, the Illinois House of Representatives overrode Governor Bruce Rauner’s veto to enact a 32% state income tax increase. The individual rate went from 3.75% to 4.95% and the corporate rate went from 5.25% to 7%. The higher state income taxes could entice more people to leave a state that is already losing population.While taxes are not […]

Average Rent in the 50 Most Populous U.S. Cities

Throughout the United States, rent levels have been rising. In particular, highly populated urban areas are becoming increasingly expensive to live in. Using data from Zillow, we created an interactive map detailing the average rent in the 50 most populous U.S. cities via BatchGeo. The average rent prices are based on a study conducted by Zillow […]

Commute Times in Chicago

When choosing a home, many variables are considered.  Price and location typically come to mind, but a number of other factors should be considered.  One aspect that is sometimes overlooked is the travel between your new home and your job.  There are nearly 6 million workers aged 16 and older in the state of Illinois […]

Violent Crime in Chicago

When it comes time to move, or even if you just plan to visit a new city, you want to make sure you pick the right neighborhood to go to.  As with any large city, crime in Chicago is higher than it might be in neighboring towns or suburbs.  There are several types of crime, […]
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