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Moving Your Stuff versus Buying New Stuff

When moving, weight and space are money.  The more items you need transported, the more you can expect to pay to your moving company.  For this reason, in addition to the hassle of boxing up and packing everything, some people question whether or not they should move their stuff.  You can always buy new furniture and clothes, […]

What is Shuttle Service?

When it comes time to move you may be overwhelmed trying to figure out all the moving industry lingo and what every charge on the bill is for.  When you move, especially if you have a move of a longer distance, you can expect to have your belongings loaded into a large van or tractor […]

What Is a Moving Consultant?

Anyone who has moved can tell you how much time, money, and preparation that goes into a relocation, but especially an interstate one.  Even if you are hiring movers, it can still be overwhelming to go through the process by yourself.  With all the details and regulations to keep track of when moving across state […]

Move Rescue

Most moving companies are reputable and want to make your moving experience as pleasant as possible. However, there are those who seek to take advantage of unsuspecting customers and get a quick payday off a moving scam. These nefarious players, dubbed rogue movers, ruin the moves of thousands of people each year, often costing the […]
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