There are a number of advantages to using a trusted moving company, and professional movers can save you time and safely move even the heaviest of items. However, even with all the great work they do, there are a few things most moving companies will not do for a standard move…

Unplug Large Appliances

While most moving companies will be willing to move large appliances during a standard move, they cannot help with unplugging. When it comes to your refrigerator or washing machine, you’ll either need to disconnect them yourself or hire an appliance service company. Moving company employees aren’t typically trained to disconnect these types of items, but will certainly move them after they have been disconnected.

Pack & Unpack Your Things

Many moving companies provide packing and unpacking services. However, these services require an additional fee on top of moving labor and travel fees. Packing and unpacking yourself is a great way to save extra money.

Move Large and Unusual Items

Items such as pianos and pool tables can be difficult to move and take up large amounts of storage space. While most moving companies can move these items for you, they will need advance notice and may add additional charges to your total bill.

Schedule Elevator Time for Your Move

If you live on an upper floor in an apartment or condo, scheduling elevator time is a vital step to your move. Be sure to check in with your property manager before moving day to schedule the proper amount of time.

Let You Ride in the Moving Truck

As much as you might think sitting among boxes and furniture would be fun, it’s also a safety risk. Also note, if you were hoping to ride shotgun with your mover, that spot is reserved for a member of the moving crew. Arrange your own transportation in advance, because movers cannot accommodate extra passengers.

Move Your Things Without Someone Present

Simply put, during the actual move you need to be present at the places you’re moving from and to. A hidden key or garage door won’t cut it, so ensure you or another authorized person stays on site with the moving company every step of the way.

Move Chemicals, Explosives, or Other Hazardous Material

There are things that shouldn’t be moved, and things that absolutely can’t be moved. Explosives and chemicals definitely can NOT be moved, so safely handle these items yourself.

Move Your Car

Think of it this way: movers will not move anything outside of their truck. That means you are responsible for getting your car from point A to B. If you do need to ship your car, Bluestar Auto Movers would be happy to do it for you.

Handle or Move Live Animals

That’s right, movers won’t be held responsible for taking Fido to your new home. Make separate plans for your pets, because they won’t be taking a ride in the moving truck.

Reserve a Parking Spot For the Truck

Most apartment or condo complexes have loading docks with specified times of usage—but your movers won’t reserve the time for you. Reserve loading docks and parking spots well in advance so your spot is saved for moving day!

While there are a few things moving companies won’t do for you in a standard move, one thing they’re great at is getting you moved. Don’t wait until the last minute to find the perfect moving company, book your trusted mover today!


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