For many people, moving is a first-time experience. Maybe you were born and raised in the same house and finally moving out. Or perhaps you moved as a child, but your parents handled all of the logistics. If you’re new to moving, it might be a good idea to watch a few movies in which the characters move. In some of these movies, you may get some good ideas for your move, in others, you’ll get a good idea of what not to do!

 Many blue lockers

10. Max Keeble’s Big Move

If you have kids, this could be either the best or worst movie to show them when you announce you’re moving. Upon finding out his family is moving, Max Keeble begins to create chaos at his middle school. Some of the hilarious pranks involve a food fight, a frog, and a full marching band. This movie can serve as a good lesson that even if you’re leaving town, there are still consequences for your actions.

 Blue men loading a couch into a moving truck9. Moving

Comedic genius Richard Pryor stars in this 1988 film about you guessed it, moving. It may not be Pryor’s best work, but it can certainly be relatable. While moving from New Jersey to Idaho, all sorts of problems arise for Pryor’s character and his family.  Unlike Pryor’s character in this film, you can find fully licensed, bonded, and insured moving companies here at Move Matcher.

Old wooden house falling apart at shore

8. The Money Pit

Tom Hanks and Shelly Long star in this wacky comedy about a couple who buys a house that falls apart. If you’ve just moved into a fixer-upper, this film might make you feel better (or worse) about all the repairs you have to do. Just remember to do a little bit more research than the characters in this movie!

 Eggs in a package

7. Cheaper by the Dozen

If you think your move is hard, imagine moving a family with 12 children! That’s exactly the case in Cheaper by the Dozen. The film’s plot is set in motion when Tom decides to move the family from a rural home to the much busier Chicago suburbs. Steve Martin and Bonnie Hunt star in this family-friendly 2003 film with plenty of hijinks. Watch out for appearances by Hilary Duff and Ashton Kutcher.

 Haunted house and tree in dusk

6. Sinister

You might want to check the attic before you watch this one. This 2012 film starring Ethan Hawke tells the story of a writer who moves to a home where he finds some ominous rolls of film. Not to mention, the house was also the site of a gruesome family murder! If you’re into haunted houses, check out our list of the top 10 most haunted houses in America.

 Colorful balloons towards the sky

5. Up

When you’re going through your move, hopefully, your plan isn’t to tie a bunch of balloons to your current house! All joking aside, Disney Pixar’s Up is a heartwarming animated tale that captures everyone’s desire to get away to a mystical place. The film won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature in 2010.


young people dancing on a dancing floor at night

4. Footloose

Imagine moving to a town where dancing is banned. That’s the situation Kevin Bacon‘s character Ren McCormack is placed into in Footloose. The musical has a great soundtrack including the classic 80s hit named for the film itself. This film is a good example of the culture shock you can often face when moving to a new town.


Flight captain standing

3. Catch Me If You Can

Leonardo DiCaprio‘s character, Frank Abignale, Jr, moves quite a bit in this movie. The Steven Spielberg film is based on Abignale’s real-life escapades as a masterful con-artist. Abignale moves all over the country (and the world) as he continuously changes his identity. Just remember, if you’re moving, please use your real name!

 Two boys with baseball gloves playing a catch

2. The Sandlot

If your child is feeling anxiety about making new friends, it might be a good idea to show them this 1993 baseball film. The main character, Smalls, has trouble making friends initially but has better luck when he stumbles upon a rag-tag group of neighborhood kids playing baseball. This film is perfect to put on after finishing up a summer move.



House, stuffed toys, dinosaurs and instrumental toys

1. Toy Story

The second Disney Pixar film on our list takes the top spot. This classic animated film tells the story of toys trying to rush back home before their owner moves away. Just make sure you didn’t forget any of the kid’s toys at your old home before you watch this one!

No matter how many times you move, it is always a significant event. Changing the place where you live is momentous whether you’re moving down the street, or across the country. With its importance in real-life, it’s no surprise that Hollywood films have often featured stories involving moving. If you’re tired of all the stress that comes with moving, settle in and watch one (or a few) of these flicks!

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