When you own or work for a moving company, the moving process is a part of everyday life. However, for customers, moving day is a rare and stressful event. If you’re looking for the best moving customer experience tips we’ve listed have some helpful topics for you to brush up on.


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1. Be Transparent

During the booking phase, customers may have a lot of questions. They may ask for licensing, insurance, and past references. While it can seem like a waste of time to constantly provide this information, it’s a necessity for a successful moving company. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes; would you trust a company that won’t provide licensing or insurance? When a customer asks for more information about your company, don’t view it as an interrogation. Instead, see it as an opportunity to highlight the best aspects of your business.

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 2. Provide Accurate Pricing

Obviously, transparency when it comes to pricing can be more difficult. Most moving companies do not provide a final invoice until the move is completed. Unforeseen circumstances can arise such as extra furniture or increased traffic. On the other hand, once your business is up and running you should have a good idea of what a typical move costs based on the apartment or home size. Before booking a move, inform the customer of all the variables that play into the final cost. Along with the hourly rate and truck fee, added costs can include packing and material fees or an increased travel fee in congested areas. As long as the customer knows all the factors that go into their final invoice they should not be shocked on moving day. The worst thing you can do is pull a bait-and-switch and drastically change your rates at the last minute. A quote doesn’t need to be exact, but as long as a customer is honest about their inventory they deserve an approximate total cost.


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3. Check-In

Every customer’s biggest concern on moving day is that the movers won’t show up. When you schedule a move, it is advisable to give the customer a window for your arrival. If the move is booked far in advance, check back in at the beginning of the moving week. It’s also a good idea to call the customer 24 hours before the move to ensure they’re prepared. With the variability of moving, even the best moving companies can run late. If this ever occurs, make sure the crew or dispatcher is updating the customer. Even if it’s only a 15-minute delay, the customer has a right to know when the crew will arrive. Communication is the key to keeping your customer satisfied.


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4. Ask about the Customer’s Experience

Once the move is completed, it’s important to check back in with the customer. First, ensure that all of their belongings arrived at their new home safely. Then, ask them about their experience. If the customer had a positive experience they could provide a reference to future customers. In the unfortunate case that the customer had a bad experience, it can serve as a lesson for your company. Checking back in with customers may incline them to use your company again or recommend it to friends. Customers also have the ability to write reviews, here on Move Matcher which can provide a major boost for your company!

For those in the industry, moving can become routine or second natureIt pays to remember the process can be less than ordinary and a major headache for some customers. By following these tips you can help your customers, now give your company a boost by joining Move Matcher!


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