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Why Work With Us?

  • No Obligation– No Contracts.
  • Only Pay When a Customer Contacts You AFTER Receiving Your Quote
  • Free Moving Leads
  • No Wasted Time Calling Expensive, Highly Shared Leads
  • Simple Sign Up Process

How Move Matcher Works

  • 100 Leads – All leads in your specified service area are visible and sent to your inbox. You are not charged for these leads.
  • 75 Leads – You Quoted Price to Consumer – You provide a quote for these leads, you are still not charged for any actions.
  • 10 Customers Called You –You pay only for the 10 customers who called you to learn more about your provided quote.

How Other Lead Providing Companies Work

  • 100 Leads – Pay for 100 Low Quality, Shared Leads upfront. Whoever calls first wins the consumer

The Customers Come Directly to You. Get started now.



Contact our Business Development Director Brian by email or at  773-527-7430 to learn how to get better qualified moving leads with less administrative overhead using Move Matcher.

Moving Company Signup Requirements

Qualifications for Moving Companies

  • Registration with State of Operation
  • Proper State Licensing (CC Number, DOT, DMV paperwork etc.)
  • Interstate Moving Companies MUST have DOT Number
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    About Move Matcher

    Move Matcher is dedicated to providing Moving Companies with quality customers. Our key difference is providing movers with qualified leads, with detailed move information such as full inventory lists with photos, to/from locations with aerial views, move dates, parking information, elevator information and other useful tools. We understand that estimates are just that, but we strive to provide the most complete view of a move to help moving companies