When choosing a new home or apartment to move into there are plenty of factors to consider. Of course, the cost will probably be your first concern. Additionally, the size, neighborhood, and amenities of each home will be considered. However, one thing you may forget to check is whether or not your new home is haunted. While it may seem ridiculous, there are countless stories of families moving out of homes they suspect to be haunted. If you want to avoid a similar fate, follow these steps to make sure your new home is free of ghosts.

Check Local Records

Usually, one of the first signs of a haunted house is a dark history. Check local newspapers and historical documents to see if any tragic events occurred at your home. Also, research what occupied the land your home is on before it became a house or apartment. If the location of your new house was once a battlefield, gallows, or a burial ground there is a greater risk of paranormal activity. A previous owner trying to sell a haunted house may be evasive about why they’re leaving. However, if you check old newspapers and local historical resources you may find a clue as to why the home is for sale.

Investigate the Value

Did the home you’re trying to buy suffer a massive dip in value? If that is the case, you could be looking at a haunted house. When an owner quickly tries to sell a haunted house, they may be much more willing to lower the price. Another factor to look at is how many times the home has been bought and sold over the years. If the home is being bought and sold at a frequent rate, there may be a supernatural explanation. In the case that you’re moving into an apartment, ask the landlord how many residents have lived there in the past few years. Additionally, if a certain apartment has much lower rent than the rest of the complex, there’s a chance it could be haunted.

Talk to Neighbors

A previous owner or realtor would be inclined not to inform you of any paranormal activity. However, a neighbor may be more likely to give you the inside scoop. If you have any suspicion about a house or apartment being haunted, talking to the neighbors is a great way to find out more. A longtime neighbor may know the history behind the house and why it’s for sale. As you talk to neighbors, you may also be able to find more rational explanations for supposed paranormal activity. If a trouble-making teenager lives next door, perhaps the “haunting” is nothing more than juvenile pranks.

Bring a Team In

If you’ve ruled out any reasonable explanations for strange activity, you may have to conduct an investigation of the home itself. Of course, you would need permission from the current owner, so this should only be a last resort. There are paranormal investigative teams that operate around the country and should be able to determine if there is any ominous presence in the home. If you’re religious, you may want to have the home blessed if you do decide to move in.

While the idea of a haunted house sounds ridiculous to some people, it can be very real to others. Every year, there are multiple stories of families being chased from homes due to unexplained events. Certainly, there should be more important concerns when choosing a new home. However, if you’d rather be safe than sorry, be sure to look into the history of a possible new home. If you suspect your new home could be haunted, you may be better off looking elsewhere. On the other hand, if you enjoy the thrills and want to save some money, a haunted house may be the perfect place for you! To find out more about haunted houses, check out our list of the top 10 most haunted houses in America.


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