Preparation at Current Residence

  • Get Moving Quotes
  • Establish Budget
    • Movers or Rental Truck/Trailer
    • Boxes, Tape, Moving Blankets, Labor
    • Cleaning Companies
  • Start Compiling Emergency Paperwork
    • Medical Records (Human & Pets)
  • Schedule Disconnect of Current Utilities
    • Gas
    • Water/Sewage
    • Electric
    • Trash
    • Cable
    • Telephone
  • Insurance Policies
    • Update zip code & residency information if necessary
  • Donate Unnecessary Items
  • Garage Sale? Time consuming, do you have stuff people would want to buy?
  • Start consuming all possible perishables. Stop restocking these items while getting groceries
  • Buy Boxes, Tape and Moving Blankets
  • If you’re taking your kids with you, contact existing and new schools.
  • If selling house, create documentation for new owner as a courtesy. (Maintenance, quirks, etc.)
  • Complete a USPS change of address form in person or online
    • For safety, leave new mailing address with new resident and/or property management
  • Leave note with new mailing address for mail to be forwarded to

Packing Tips

  • Pack the bathrooms the day of your move– you probably use most items on a daily basis
  • Don’t pack all of your clothes, you’ll probably need something to wear as your move nears
  • Use newspaper and/or towels instead of packing peanuts. You’ll save money and help the environment
  • If possible, pack your absolute necessities (medicines, changes of clothes, toiletries, etc.) in a suitcase that you personally transport

Cleaning – See How to Get Your Security Deposit Back

  • Hire a cleaning company (ignore below if this is the case)
  • Kitchen
    • Oven (time consuming process, be careful with oven cleaner)
    • Sinks
    • Refrigerator/Freezer
    • Flooring
  • Bathrooms
    • Shower/tub
    • Toilet
    • Sink
  • Living Room
    • Vacuum
    • Clean Windows
  • Dining Room
    • Vacuum, Carpet Clean if Necessary
  • Bedrooms
    • Ceiling Fans
    • Vacuum
    • Clean Windows
  • Basement
    • Mold/Mildew Cleaning
    • Carpet/Floor Cleaning
  • Garage
    • Clean any Oil Spots
  • Attic
    • Empty Stored Items
    • Check that Insulation Not Damaged

Preparation for New Residence

  • Schedule Connection of New Utilities
    • Gas
    • Water/Sewage
    • Electric
    • Trash
    • Cable
    • Telephone

Moving Out Day

  • Leave blinds open
  • Lock all doors and windows

Moving In

  • For apartments, take walk-through photos and/or video of apartment before moving in. Save digitally or in your documentation file.

After the Move

  • Update Driver’s License
  • Ensure Utilities Were Switched Over/Off

Tools to help with your move

Need a little help getting started? Use our helpful tools to get your move on the right track.

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