When it comes time to move, you may find you cannot bring everything with.  Instead of throwing items away, consider donating your items!  Here are some great organizations that can help find your items a new home.


Sabra books icon  Sabra Books

Started in 2013 as an online bookseller, Sabra Books aims to retain great books for future generations.  In addition to selling great books, they are always looking to add items to their own inventory.  For those who are moving or can no longer keep their books, they purchase collections that meet specific book buying guidelines.  They accept books and CD’s. They will pay for some items and donate what they don’t retain to various charitable organizations.  Those who meet their guidelines should contact them at: info@sabrabooks.com. FREE pickup of minimum 150 books.  Sabra Books is committed to the connection between books, education, and culture.


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