Get to know Flower Mound, TX

The town of Flower Mound is northwest of Dallas and lies northeast of Fort Worth.  It is considered the largest town by population in the state of Texas.  The name comes from a 12.5 acre hill called “The Mound”.  It initially attracted settlers to the area and is covered in different flowers during the blooming season.  The area first saw settlers in the 1840s when Presbyterians established a camp for religious services.  The area saw little growth for several decades until 1961 when the town decided to incorporate so as not to be annexed by the City of Irving.  In 1970, Flower Mound began a planned community project under an $18 million loan from the federal government, but controversy over the plan and the subsequent threat to disannex a portion of the town led to the project being abandoned in 1976.  The construction of the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport just south of town led to rapid growth in the community.  Flower Mound has an extensive system of recreational trails that began in 1976 in response to environmental concerns.   The town’s largest employer is the Lewisville Independent School District.

Quick Facts

Population: 67,630

Median Household Income: $121,549

Median Property Value: $269,800

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