Get to Wichita Falls, TX

Wichita Falls is located in North Texas 15 miles from the Oklahoma border.  The area originally was home to the Choctaw Native Americans, who relocated from Mississippi after the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek.  In the 1860s, American settlers came to the area to establish cattle ranches.  It was named Wichita Falls in 1872 when a sale of town lots was held.  The Fort Worth & Denver City Railway arrived ten years later and the city grew westward from the train depot.  Entrepreneurs Joseph A. Kemp and Frank Kell helped to grow the city into the 20th century with their pioneering efforts in food processing, flour milling railroad, banking, and oil.  The city has seen two devastating hurricanes, one in 1964 and the other in 1979.  One notable attraction is the Newby-McMahon Building, known as the world’s littlest skyscraper.  Other attractions include Lucy Park, the annual Hotter’N race, the country’s largest century bicycle ride, and the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame.  The main employers in Wichita Falls include Sheppard Air Force Base and the Wichita Falls Independent School District.  Famous residents have included J.T. Barrett, Phyllis Coates, and Mia Hamm.

Quick Facts

Population: 104,771

Median Household Income: $43,751

Median Property Value: $92,000

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