Get to know Round Rock, TX

The city of Round Rock is a part of the Greater Austin area, 20 miles north of downtown.  The city is named for a large, round, anvil-shaped rock in the middle of Brushy Creek.  In 1851 a community began on the banks of the creek next to this rock, which marked a low water crossing point in the creek.  The community was initially called Brushy for the creek, but was changed in 1854 in honor of the famous rock at the suggestion of the postmaster.  When Jesse Chisholm began moving cattle following the Civil War, creating the Chisholm Trail, he crossed Brushy Creek at the round rock.  Today the city has preserved many of the old building in the historic area now called Old Town.  The first half of the 20th century saw cotton dominant the city.  It was the main source of wealth, while cattle and ranching also contributed to the economy.  In 1904, a group of Confederate veterans held a reunion in nearby Georgetown.  The large attendance at the event led to the creation of annual reunions and the birth of the Old Settlers Association.  After the first meeting, the reunions were moved to Round Rock and a structure for the association was built.  The OSA exists today as a social and educational group that is made up of descendants of residents of Williamson County prior to 1904.   In the 1950s, Interstate Highway 35 was slated to run through nearby Taylor.  However after much debate and controversy, it was decided that the highway would instead run through Round Rock.  The completion of Interstate 35 brought a boom to Round Rock and helped make it a commercial center.  In the late 1990s, the Round Rock Chamber of Commerce set on an economic development plan to turn the bedroom community into a business center.  Bringing major employers and jobs to the city, including the Dell Corporation, helped transform business in Round Rock.  The city is known for its exemplary education system and dominance in athletics.  Round Rock’s economy is based on several industries, including clean energy, manufacturing, life sciences, and computer development.  One of the main employers, Dell, is headquartered in Round Rock.

Quick Facts

Population: 106,972

Median Household Income: $70,952

Median Property Value: $172,500

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