Get to know Mission, TX

Native Americans settled the Mission area before Spanish colonizers arrived in the 18th century.  These Europeans brought foreign diseases that killed many of the indigenous peoples.  Those that survived became heavily dependent on the Spanish missions built in the area, like the La Lomita Mission.  In the early 1900s, Captain Conway and J.W. Hoit established the Rancho La Lomita Land Company at the La Lomita site.  The Missouri Pacific Railroad build a station near the center of this development in 1908 and the City of Mission was founded.  It was named after the historic La Lomita Mission.  Mission has experienced economic growth similar to that of nearby McAllen.  It is also the first place citrus was planted in the Rio Grande Valley.  Since 1921, it has been called the Home of the Ruby Red Grapefruit.  In addition to grapefruit being grown in the area, Mission is also home to the Texas Citrus Exchange.  Famous residents have included William Jennings Bryan and Tom Landry.

Quick Facts

Population: 80,538

Median Household Income: $43,592

Median Property Value: $96,100

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