Get to know Mansfield, TX

The suburb of Mansfield is located in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, equidistant from Dallas, Fort Worth, and the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.  Mansfield began as an European settlement in the 1840s.  Pioneer farmers came to the area that had been inhabited by Native Americans for thousands of years.  Fort Worth was established in 1849 by the U.S. Army to help protect these frontier farms from attack.  In 1856, R.S. Man and Julian Field opened a grist mill in what would become the center of Mansfield.  The mill produced flour and meal and was the first North Texas mill to use steam power.  The two mill owners provided meal and flour to the Confederate Army during the Civil War, and prospered off the tithe assessed to the Confederate States of America.   The town named itself after the mill’s founders that helped grow the area.  Although originally spelled “Mansfeild”, constant misspellings led to the town accepting the conventional spelling “Mansfield” before the town’s incorporation in 1909.  In 1917 the Farr Best Theater was established.  The historic concert hall still operates as a music and live performance venue today.  The city has an expansive park system.  The largest employers in Mansfield are the Mansfield Independent School District and Mouser Electronics.

Quick Facts

Population: 59,757

Median Household Income: $89,774

Median Property Value: $182,700

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