Get to know Lewisville, TX

Lewisville began as Holford’s Prairie in 1841 when the Republic of Texas chartered the Peters Colony Land Grant Company to settle the area in North Texas.  Following the Hedgcoxe War, Basdeal Lewis purchased the land in 1853 and named it after himself.  In 1873, the Texas legislature chartered what would become the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad to have 20 miles of track running in the area by 1875.  Lewisville paid the company $20,000 to have the line run through the town.  The line began running full-time in 1881, bringing business to the area.  Lewisville was incorporated in 1925.  The diversified economy of the city helped to insulate Lewisville from the Wall Street Crash and subsequent Great Depression.  Rapid growth began in 1954 when the Garza-Little Elm Dam was completed and expanded the Garza-Little Elm Reservoir into Lewisville Lake.  Rapid suburban growth followed in 1974 when the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport and the Vista Ridge Mall opened.  The city is located inside Tornado Alley, although it is seldom hit with extreme weather.  It is known as a recreational hub for the surrounding area.  In 2009, it opened Railroad Park, later renamed Toyota of Lewisville Railroad Park in 2010.  It houses many sports fields as well as walking trails, three lakes, a dog park, and a skate park.  Some of the major employers in Lewisville include JPMorgan Chase, Lewisville Independent School District, and Nationstar Mortgage.  The city is also the headquarters of Responsive Education Solutions, a national charter school operator.

Quick Facts

Population: 99,039

Median Household Income: $58,559

Median Property Value: $156,100

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