Get to know Syracuse, NY

Located in the Finger Lakes region, Syracuse serves Central New York’s economic and educational epicenter.  The city is home to Syracuse University and Le Moyne College, and is known for its snowfall, averaging more than 115 inches each year.  The first Europeans were French missionaries who set up the Sainte Marie among the Iroquois missionary in the 1600’s at the invitation of the Onondaga Nation.  In the mid 1600’s visiting Jesuit missionaries first noted the salty brine springs on the southern end of what is now Onondaga Lake.  In the late 18th century the area was designated as the Onodaga Salt Springs Reservation by the state.  This set the stage for commercial salt production which grew rapidly in the 18th and 19th centuries and led to Syracuse being called “The Salt City”.  The city was officially named in 1847 after Syracuse, Sicily, which was famous for its salt mining industry at the time.  The industry remained strong until the end of the Civil War.  As the salt industry declined, manufacturing rose to prominence in its place. In 1841 the first New York State Fair was held and has been an annual event every since.  World War II brought industrial expansion, however the industry began to falter in the 1970’s.  Today education and the service industry form the base of the economy.  The main employers include the State University of new York Upstate Medical University and Syracuse University.

Quick Facts

Population: 144,564

Median Household Income: $31,881

Median Property Value: $88,800

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