Get to know New Rochelle, NY

The city of New Rochelle lies in southeast New York on the Long Island Sound.  The settlement began in 1688 when French Huguenots, many of them from the French city of La Rochelle, came to escape persecution.  It was one of the only Huguenot settlements in America that stayed true to its intention of being a distinctly French colony.  It attracted French refugees until roughly 1760.  The village maintained a modest population throughout the 18th century.  The waves of immigrants flowing into New York City in the 19th century led many established American families to move to out of the city and into the area.  The Village of New Rochelle was established in 1857, and a 1899 bill brought the New Rochelle City Charter.  In the early 1900’s realty and development companies bought land and began building some of the first planned communities throughout the city.  It is known to have low crime rates for the state, with particularly low violent crime rates.  Notable attractions include Trinity-St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, a site on the National Register of Historic Places, and the Thomas Paine Historical Site.  The economy had boasted strong manufacturing and warehousing industries, but those have declined since the 1990’s.  The city has remained a center for business though and is home to several corporate headquarters.  Famous residents have included Susan B. Anthony, Willie Mays, Frank Abagnale, and Sidney Frank.

Quick Facts

Population: 79,027

Median Household Income:$70,036

Median Property Value: $552,600

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