Get to know Hoboken, NJ

The city of Hoboken is a bedroom community of New York City on the Hudson River.  It is known for having the highest use of public transportation of any American city.  Originally the area was a part of the Dutch settlement before coming under English control in the 17th century.  Following the Revolutionary War, Colonel John Stevens bought what would become Hoboken when the land was auctioned after being confiscated from the Loyalist William Bayard.  In the 19th century, Stevens developed the area as a resort for people from Manhattan.  He operated the first commercial steam ferry, shuttling people between Manhattan and Hoboken on his ship Juliana.  Hoboken was initially formed as a township in 1849 before incorporating as a city in 1855 as the population and employment increased.  In 1870, Stevens Institute of Technology, America’s first mechanical engineering college, was founded.  The city was also the site of Elysian Fields, which may have seen the first official game of baseball in America in 1846.  In World  War I Hoboken served as the point of embarkation for millions of soldiers headed to Europe, leading General Pershing to coined the slogan “Heaven, Hell, or Hoboken… by Christmas.”  World War II brought prosperity as industry in the city contributed to the war effort.  The 1960’s brought decline though as industry declined and people moved out of the city.  Since the 1970’s the city has seen gentrification as transplanted New Yorkers and people looking for opportunities in New York City displace the “old time” residents.  The city was once home to giants Maxwell House, Lipton Tea, Hostess, and Bethlehem Steel.  Today, publisher John Wiley & Sons are headquartered in Hoboken. Over half the residents of Hobeken work in New York City.  The Stevens Institute of Technology is one of the major employers in the city.  Notable attractions include Carlo’s Bake Shop and the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway.  Famous residents have included Frank Sinatra, Dorothea Lange, and Howard Aiken.

Quick Facts

Population: 52,452

Median Household Income: $114,381

Median Property Value: $591,900

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