Get to know Lincolnshire, IL

Lincolnshire is a small, affluent northern suburb of Chicago.  Originally part of the Half Day area, the first region in Lake County to be settled by non-Native people, it became a popular recreational spot with the invention of the automobile.  After World War I, the Half Day region was divided and the residential subdivision named Lincolnshire was erected.  The village faced poor sanitary conditions and inadequate police presence until the Cambridge Forest Association, which later became the Lincolnshire Community Association, lobbied for better conditions, resulting in the incorporation of Libertyville in 1957.  From 1983 into the 1990’s, the village experienced rapid expansion.  A Tree City USA since 1988, the village is home to nine public parks and has strict tree removal guidelines to protect the surrounding foliage.  The Marriott Theater, which sells about 400,000 tickets each year, is also located in Lincolnshire.  People typically move from Lincolnshire because they desire a change in scenery.

Quick Facts

Population: 7,271

Median Household Income: $102,260

Median Property Value: $474,800

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