Get to know Glenview, IL

The village of Glenview is a wealthy Cook County suburb north of Chicago.  Incorporated in 1899, the village was largely farmland until developers came in and gave it a more suburban appearance following the end of World War II.  Glenview is known to have an exceptional public school system.  The suburb has experienced fairly consistent population growth since the 1920’s, likely due to the large number of companies with operations in the area. Numerous consumer packaged goods, retailers and publishers have sizable presences in Glenview. Average home prices have consistently risen, and one of the common reasons people move from Glenview is the rising cost of housing.  The most popular attractions in Glenview include The Grove and Wagner Farm, less developed areas that are home to varying wildlife and flora.

Quick  Facts

Population: 45,969

Median Household Income: $ 93,240

Median Property Value: $473,600

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