Get to know National City, CA

National City is in San Diego County’s South Bay region.  The land of National City was part of El Rancho del Rey under the Spanish.  The Mexican government renamed it Rancho de la Nacion in 1810 after gaining independence.  Once California came into American hands, Andrew Johnson translated the name into English, dubbing it The National Ranch land grant.  The entire ranch was bought in 1868 by Frank, Warren, and Levi Kimball.  Builders from San Francisco, the Kimball brothers founded the city and retained the “National” name.  The brothers helped grow the city, bringing modern transportation, a post office, a wharf, and even imported trees from Europe and Asia.  The city was incorporated in 1887.  National City’s economy relies heavily on tourism like much of San Diego County.  The main employer in National City is the Paradise Valley Hospital.  Cafe La Maze and Olivewood Gardens are popular attractions. Famous residents have included Tom Waits and John T. Walton.

Quick Facts

Population: 60,043

Median Household Income: $41,437

Median Property Value: $290,500

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