Get to know Monterey Park, CA

The city of Monterey Park is a suburb roughly 7 miles east of downtown Los Angeles.  In the 19th century the land was part of the Rancho San Antonio.  Following the Civil War Richard Garvey, a mail rider in the U.S. Army, settled in the King’s Hills.  Garvey began to develop the land and sold parts of the property to pay off debts.  In 1916 the City of Monterey Park was incorporated.  Flowers and potatoes were grown in the area.  In 1926 Laura Scudder invented the first sealed bag of potato chips.  Real estate boomed in the 1920’s with many subdivisions being built and commercial opportunities ripe for the taking.  The Great Depression ended the real estate boom and halted development in the city for the next two decades.  Monterey Park experienced a postwar boom and annexed surrounding land.  It became a popular destination for Asian Americans and Asian immigrants at the end of the 20th century.  The Chinese-dominated business district is important to the economy of Monterey Park.  The city’s top employers are East Los Angeles College and the Garfield Medical Center.  Popular attractions include the Garvey Ranch Observatory and El Encanto.

Quick Facts

Population: 61,085

Median Household Income: $54,097

Median Property Value: $501,300

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