Get to know Lancaster, CA

The Los Angeles County city of Lancaster is part of the twin city complex with neighboring Palmdale, and is one of the principal cities of the Antelope Valley region.  The Antelope Valley was originally home to the Paiute Native Americans.  In 1876 the South Pacific ran a rail line through the valley, connecting San Francisco to Los Angeles.  The area was a water stop before attracting settlers to start a community.  Moses Langley Wicks is credited with the creation of the town.  In 1884 Wicks bought property from the railroad to start the town.  It was a popular farming town by 1890, perfect for wheat and barley.  The town boomed with the construction of the Los Angeles Aqueduct.  From 1908-1913 it housed aqueduct workers.  Beginning in the 1930’s with the construction of Muroc Air Force Base, Lancaster saw defense and manufacturing boom in the city through the 1970’s.  In 1977, the City of Lancaster was incorporated.  The city today is home to major defense contractors and government agencies, including Boeing and NASA Dryden Flight Research Center.  Popular attractions include the annual California Poppy Festival and Lancaster City Park.  Famous residents have included Judy Garland and Don Glover.

Quick Facts

Population: 159,774

Median Household Income: $47,225

Median Property Value: $170,600

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