Get to know Gardena, CA

Gardena is a city in Los Angeles County’s South Bay region.  After being ranches owned by the Spanish and then American veterans, Gardena began in 1887 when real estate developers divided up the ranch lands in anticipation of the railroad coming to the area.  The first settlement is believed to have been started by Spencer Roane Thorpe.  The railroad put Gardena on the map following a real estate boom in the 1880’s in and around Los Angeles.  It became an important berry growing area, even being called “Berryland” for a time.  The berry industry suffered in World War I as the war effort focused on other crops.  The City of Gardena was incorporated in 1930.  The largest employers in Gardena are Memorial Hospital of Gardena and Hustler Casino.

Quick Facts

Population: 59,931

Median Household Income: $47,674

Median Property Value: $354,900

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