Get to know Temple, TX

The city of Temple is located in Central Texas.  Temple began in 1881 when the Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railroad established it as a railroad town.  It was incorporated the following year and named for railroad official Bernard Moore Temple.  It became a division point when the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad ran through the town in 1882.  The town initially was filled with rough characters and home to shacks and saloons.  It’s early nickname was Tanglefoot because the muddy streets mixed with the liquor made walking through the town difficult.  The city is fairly centrally located and is within 200 miles of Texas’ major cities.  The economy is reliant largely on the medical community as well as the goods distribution.  The Scott & White Memorial Hospital is the largest employer in the city.

Quick Facts

Population: 68,877

Median Household Income: $47,962

Median Property Value: $117,900

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