Move Matcher is a comparison site that connects people with moving companies for free. Use our site to find, compare and contact moving companies based on location, price estimates, scheduling and consumer reviews.

We know moving can come with unexpected costs and you can rest assured researching moving company quotes, ratings and reviews among our vetted movers isn’t one of them. Move Matcher users can also contact as many movers as they need to, free of charge. We also do not share personally identifiable information with movers in order to ensure there is no cost to our users’ privacy.

Move Matcher is here to help you find and connect with movers quickly and stress-free. You do not sign a contract with us and are under no obligation to hire a moving company found on our website. However, if you do work with a moving company found on Move Matcher, the moving company itself may require your signature – which we encourage you to ask for a counter-signature – on a binding move estimate, particularly for a long-distance or costly move.

Ideally, we’d have cracked the code on completely free moves ourselves! But, anything worth doing well is also worth paying for, and at this time we are not permitted by our moving company clients nor certain state and federal laws to offer discounts on behalf of moving companies.

However, because you are a resident of one of our valued Property Partners, if you sign up for our Dinner and a Mover Program you can earn a $30 Grubhub gift card for using a Move Matcher mover!

100% yes. We never share users’ personally identifying information with movers without the users’ consent. In fact, the only way Move Matcher moving companies will receive a user’s phone or email information is if the user directly contacts the mover. We encourage users who may have questions or concerns about the protection of their personally identifying information being shared by Move Matcher to contact us at, and we commit to swiftly following up.

Move Matcher moving companies are required to endure a robust vetting process by our mover accounts team, which includes but is not limited to verifying state and federal licensing, insurance coverage and specific insurance limits, Better Business Bureau account review, an audit of moving company’s digital profile audit and when deemed necessary, one or more moving company headquarters site visits. Subsequent to this process, we’ve rejected many moving companies requesting to join our platform.

All Move Matcher moving companies are required to carry, at minimum, their state’s required commercial moving insurance limits with a reputable insurance company in good standing with the state. Federal requirements are even more stringent than many states and our movers must adhere to those requirements as well for interstate moves. Individual buildings and property management firms require varying levels of insurance limits. Many of our movers already carry those limits, and most will have their insurance carrier write a Certificate of Insurance for a specific building or asset or property management firm per request. Move Matcher encourages all residents and Property Partners to inquire about the Move Matcher Certificate of Insurance Repository, a Move Matcher Property Partner resource, which will ensure that only the movers that meet a specific building or firm’s insurance limits will be provided for residents of that building or firm.

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