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Get to know White Plains, NY

The affluent suburb of White Plains lies roughly 25 miles north of Midtown, Manhattan.  The area was originally farmed by members of the Mohican nation.  Early traders called the area the White Plains for the white balsam groves or for the heavy mist over that hung over the swampland.  In 1683, a group of Connecticut Puritans moved west into the area, leading to an ownership dispute with another settler in nearby Mamroneck.  It was not until King George II granted a Royal Patent in 1721 that the matter was resolved.  The town was officially created in 1788.  It saw the Revolutionary Battle of White Plains in 1776, leading to a British victory.  However a badly battered British battalion left the city to the continental troops shortly after in order to regroup.  White Plains was incorporated as a city in 1916.  It served as a suburban shopping district in the early 20th century.  A building boom resulted after World War II, with parkways and expressways increasing White Plains’ role as a destination retail location.  Beginning in the 1950’s, a number of corporations relocated to White Plains out of New York City.  Today it continues to attract businesses, including housing the headquarters of Heineken USA and Alliance Berstein.  After a recession in the 1990’s, White Plains began a downtown development push, allowing the city to enter the 21st century as the retail and office center leader of Westchester County.  White Plains’ economy relies on the large companies that have relocated to the suburb from New York City.  The city was the set of several films, including The Departed and Across The Universe.  Popular attractions include the White Plain’s Farmers’ Market and the historic Jacob Purdy House, which served as General George Washington’s headquarters in 1778.  Notable residents have included Mark Zukerberg, Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, and Jesse McCartney.

Quick Facts

Population: 57,790

Median Household Income: $80,442

Median Property Value: $511,600

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White Plains Statistics

It looks like everyone is moving to White Plains, with 397 people moving to the city in 2015. This amounts to a 0.68% population increase.

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