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Get to know Oak Lawn, IL

The Cook County suburb of Oak Lawn is southwest of Chicago.  It became an incorporated village in 1909 and the following years saw vast improvements to infrastructure and government services.  A deadly tornado in 1967 causing mass destruction, and required several years of rebuilding.  The village is home to an expansive park system, and has included famed residents Michael Flatley and Kanye West.  The Baby Boom era following World War II brought a large increase to the population before the trend began to decrease in the 1980’s.  The population has seen minor growth since 2010.

Quick Facts

Population: 56,980

Median Household Income: $56,185

Median Property Value: $189,600

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Oak Lawn Statistics

It looks like everyone is moving out of Oak Lawn, with 273 people leaving the city in 2015, amounting to a 0.48% population decrease.

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