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Don’t Forget the Documents

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There are so many items you need to pack and bring with you when you move.  It can be easy to forget things, especially if you are making an interstate or long distance move.  And while you will be busy making sure you have switched utilities to your new address and the kids and dogs are ready to go, you should make sure you grab all your paperwork too.  You’ll have lists for the move and probably some files from your home.  All your important records will need to be relocated and should stay on your person during the process.

It may seem unlikely that you’d forget important things like passports or a marriage license.  If you have these items in your home, you probably won’t leave them behind.  However, some people might be tempted to dump these papers into a box and forget about them.  If you keep important documents in a safety deposit box, you will want to make sure you retrieve these and any other valuables before relocating.  When moving, it will be important to keep all important documents with you.  Whether in carry on luggage or an accordion file in the car, you will want to make sure you know where important papers are.  You could forget which box contains these items and have trouble finding them when you need them as you unpack.  Or worse, the box could be damaged or misplaced and you could lose these important documents.

Some documents are not kept at your home, but will still be important when you move.  School files and medical records will need to come with you when you move if you need to find new schools for your children or doctors.  While some places will fax over files to the new office, it is still a good idea to get a copy of these important files and bring them with you.  You will again want to keep them on your person so they do not get misplaced in transit.  When you arrive at your new home, you will easily be able to get kids registered at school or an appointment with a doctor scheduled.  If the files could be faxed over great, but if they couldn’t or something was misplaced, you’ll have your copies to present to your new providers.  Additionally as you make your way to your new home, you’ll have the peace of mind that you have everything you’ll need to get set up in your new community.

Any documents you get in connection with your move should come with you.  You will probably have your own lists, but the moving estimate, inventory list, and any other moving documents provided by the moving company will be important to have on hand too.  You will need to refer to these when your items are unloaded.  Any dispute of charges or damage claims filed will probably require you to reference these documents too.  Making sure that you not only have these documents, but have inspected them and agreed with them before your move begins will be important as well.

Moving can be a bit of a juggling act.  There are many things to keep track of and get to your new home.  While your movers can assist you in getting most of your items there, it will be important for you to keep track of and bring certain items on your own.  Any important paperwork should stay with you when you move.  You will have peace of mind knowing that you have brought all the necessary documents and know exactly where they are when you arrive at your destination.

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